Positioning of tubes using KT3


To ensure the consumer can immediately recognize the logo and label on tubes (for example on tubes of toothpaste or cream), the printing is aligned relative to the base of the tube using a printed mark. This step is to be performed reliably and automatically at high speed; the space available for sensors is also often limited. Printed marks are to be adjusted to the design, which is often very pale, against a light background, and quick format changes must also be possible.


The problem was solved using a KT3 series contrast sensor. The sensor automatically selects the best color for the emitted light from red, green or blue and then detects even the smallest differences in contrast. High-gloss films are no problem for the sensor due to the automatic gloss adjustment. Due to its small housing dimensions, the KT3 is ideal for integration where space is at a premium. Simple teach-in at the push of a button or via a control cable results in rapid commissioning and a reduction in the set-up times on an object change.

Customer benefits:

The KT3, offers high availability with low maintenance effort.

Convenient controls ensure commissioning is rapid and reduce set-up times.

The optimal presentation of the goods to the customer is also ensured.

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