Positioning of spray caps




Spray caps must be fitted to spray cans with the highest possible precision, as the nozzle must always be centred above the manufacturer's lettering and logo. The system produces around 18,000 cans per hour. For this reason the rapid and reliable detection of a position marking must be ensured.


The system manufacturer and SICK jointly developed the idea of using the EAN barcode for the alignment of the cans in the sealing machine. This barcode is always applied to the can and is required for scanning at the cash till in the shop. By modifying the software, the CLV 410 barcode scanners are now able to output signals to the controller over the entire length of the marks for the barcode while the can is rotated. From the sequence of "reading" and "not reading" the barcode, the machine controller calculates the rotational position of the can and aligns the can appropriately for fitting the spray cap.

Customer benefits

By means of a special algorithm, the CLV 410 generates a specific output signal even if the code is partially covered; the barcode is sampled sufficiently often and therefore sufficiently precisely due the high scan frequency 800 Hz. Scrap can thus be reduced to a minimum.

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