Ultrasound-precision in the flow measurement

Concise description

To measure untreated natural gas and not worry about measurement accuracy: stable ultrasonic gas measurement by SICK on an offshore oilrig in UAE.


It is common to have subterraneous gas deposits in combination with oil fields. A mixture of crude oil, gas and water is extracted. This „compound“ has to be separated, but oil and water still remain in the gas, in considerable quantities. The separated gas is quantified by volume flow metering. For an ultrasonic gas meter based on a standard sensor technology, it is impossible to measure reliably because water and oil settle on the sensor surface. This causes a signal interference at the measuring body. The measuring signals are falsified, the measurement triggers the malfunction signal and breaks down.

Having an inaccurate and unreliable measurement in such a scale of measurement operation is naturally a problem: Any quantity of gas not registered due to missing measuring results can not be fiscally invoiced. The result is financial loss. SICK was asked to provide an ultrasonic gas measurement device that assures an accurate gas measurement without faults in such ”wet“ conditions.


Highly developed sensor technology for rugged use

The solution to this challenge is a sensor that has been specifically developed for this difficult application. This special transducer design is physically extended and works at 135 kHz. Using this type of technology signal interference from the measuring body is prevented. Regardless of the sensor surface contamination, a stable signal quality is guaranteed and a reliable measuring result is supplied. In addition, the sensor in the FLOWSIC600 has been integrated in a 2-path layout. The advantage of a 2-path layout in comparison to a 4-path layout is basically the position of the paths, that lie distinctly in a higher position as in the 4-path technology. Liquids that deposit on the base have a minimal influence on the signal quality. That means that the FLOWSIC600 works with a high reliability and is optimal for applications with high liquid content.

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