The gas meter for measurement conforming to legal calibration standards

Concise description

Ultrasonic volume flow measuring from SICK means stop worrying about measurement accuracy.


Winters in Northeast China are cold. There is not enough gas available in the capital city Changchun in the Jilin Province for all the people living there. This region will now be supplied with additional gas from the Songnan gas field. 900 million cubic meters of gas flow through the 70.5 km long Bawu-Changchun gas pipeline every year. Ideal energy supply depends not only on reliable suppliers but also reliable measurement for billing gas deliveries. Only the amount delivered needs to be paid. Therefore only the highest measuring accuracy can provide the basis for reliable transactions between business partners. The natural gas meter must run stable over a long period and with the highest precision and, at the same time, require low maintenance - at minus 30 oC as well. No problem with the FLOWSIC600 gas flow measuring device from SICK.


FLOWSIC600 combines superior transducer technology and optimal path layout with automated diagnostic options

Demands on gas flow measurement are very high. Excellent measuring accuracy and mechanical sturdiness make the FLOWSIC600 ideal for billing gas amounts conforming to legal calibration standards. It measures the gas flow using ultrasonic technology in proven 4-path Westinghouse design. High performance probes provide unique accuracy and long-term stability whatever the condition of the gas or whether noise occurs in the gas lines. And if malfunctions should occur in the piping system, a variety of automated diagnostic options support troubleshooting. This helps reducing maintenance costs.

SICK can deliver all the necessary rated widths depending on the pipeline diameters: 100, 150 and 200. All the specifications required for flow rate and volume flow calculations are satisfied, including pressure and temperature measurement. Connection to the specified flow computers is perfect. In order to simplify reading out all the measured values from 26 FLOWSIC600s, all the flow computers are mounted to one panel in a separate station.

Customer benefit

FLOWSIC600 is one of the recognized gas flow measuring devices in the natural gas sector

Shengli Enginnering & Consulting Co. Ltd. is one of Chinas successful companies with high demands on technology and performance, and on their suppliers. SICK's sturdy ultrasonic measurement technology stands for exact volume flow measurement with low maintenance. The end customer SINOPEC Corp. is contented:

  • Different versions:

    - 2 measuring paths for process measurement

    – 4 measuring paths for custody measurement

    – FLOWSIC600 2plex: 4 + 1 measuring paths for custody measurement and extended diagnostics

    – FLOWSIC600 Quatro: 4 + 4 measuring paths for completely redundant custody measurement

  • 3" ... 48" / DN80 ... DN1200
  • Typical measuring uncertainty from up to ±0.1 %
  • With fully automatic CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) integrated

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