Safety Instrument BENNING IT 120 B



Installation tester for complete safety tests on electrical systems including all-current-sided FI/RCD circuid breaker type B according to DIN VDE 0100 and IEC 60364

  • measurement of the protective conductor line and of the equipotential bonding line with a testing current of 200 mA
  • measurement of the insulation resistance with testing voltages of 100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V
  • line impedance and loop impedance measurement (optional without tripping of the RCD) with calculation of the shortcircuit current (PFC/ PSC)
  • complete testing of the residual-current-operated device (RCD)
  • measurement of contact voltage (without tripping), tripping time and tripping current of residual current operated device (RCD)
  • phase-sequence testing in three-phase mains
  • voltage measurement up to 500 V and online voltage monitoring
  • all measuring functions can be selected directly by means of a rotary switch
  • switchable probe tip for releasing the measuring process
  • graphic display and help function with connecting diagram
  • complete measuring result with measuring parameters, limiting value and symbols for PASS / FAIL
  • current supply by means of 6 NiMH storage batteries (AA) with charger
  • earthing measurement by means of three-wire measuring method (optionally with earthing set)
  • current measurement (TRUE RMS) by means of current clamp adapter (optional)
  • illumination measurement by means of lux sensor (optional)
  • integrated measured value memory for 500 measurements
  • USB and RS 232 interface
  • BENNING PC-Win IT 120 B software included in delivery

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