Oxygen Monitoring

Ecotech is the Teledyne Analytical Instruments exclusive distributor in Australia. Teledyne has over 15 sensing technologies to continuously monitor a variety of process gas and liquid parameters.

Known for oxygen analysis, Teledyne's broad line of trace and percent oxygen analyzers fulfill every major application. They even have a complete line of portables. And our unequaled custom oxygen analysis systems handle the more complicated jobs.

What Teledyne Offers

  • Oxygen analyzers using electrochemical, paramagnetic, and zirconium oxide sensing technologies in an array of configurations from the lightest portable to the most rugged explosion proof system
  • A complete line of industrial oxygen sensors, each designed for fast response, specific measurement ranges, tough background gases and other unique requirements
  • Oxygen monitors for OEM applications in the automotive, diving, medical, safety, and food transport industries

Percent & Trace O2 Analysers

Teledyne’s 3000 series  analysers makes the task of trace and percent oxygen analysis easier, faster and more precise than ever before. Simple menu choices, membrane command switches and a large LED display make setup and operation clear and quick. The 3000 series provides instruments for use in both general purpose and electrically hazardous locations.

Three User-Configurable Ranges

Three user-configurable ranges are standard, with excellent linearity of analysis precluding recalibration when changing ranges. Two programmable concentration alarms provide the versatility to satisfy nearly any requirement.

Convenient Outputs For Data

Standard 0-1 VDC and isolated 4-20 mADC outputs are provided for oxygen measurements and range identification. For 2-way communication, an RS-232C serial interface is incorporated to converse with a host computer for remote monitoring and control of zero and span calibration.

Maintenance-Free Oxygen Sensor

The 3000 series uses a specially qualified fast recovery Micro-fuel Cell to measure trace levels of O2 in the sample gas. This sensor sets industry standards for accuracy, sensitivity, and ease of use.


• Linearity of analysis across 3 user-selectable ranges

• Remote access to all functions from computer

• Extended-life, maintenance-free sensor

• Ambient air calibration

• AutoRanging to follow process upsets

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